The Hire Effect (THE) Starter Kit™


  • This kit is immediately downloadable on purchase
    • Four short insight videos (6 mins or less)
    • Six exercises to form and collaborate with your hiring team
    • Three Microsoft organizing templates (Excel and PPT files)
  • Each video gives you valuable insights on how to avoid common hiring mistakes
  • The short guiding exercises will help you apply the insights to your business
  • The tools are accessible and customizable 
  • Included is a 20 minute free one-on-one session with a hiring expert to answer any questions

THE Starter Kit™ + The book The Hire Effect™ | Hire for Culture and Skills

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Better hiring before the end of the day!

LEARN valuable fresh insights 

APPLY the insights to your business

HIRE better with ready made tools to coordinate your hiring team

  • Form your Unconventional Hiring Team – You won’t be in this alone!
  • Identify THE Right Fit™ – Identify exactly what you need in a new employee.
  • Design THE Obstacle Course™ – Make process all candidates will follow.
  • Implement THE Proof™ – Evaluate candidates in an objective way.

Remember, with this product you also get a 20 minute one-on-one session with The Hire Effect Experts!

THE Starter Kit™ + The book The Hire Effect™ | Hire for Culture and Skills

You’ll be hiring better before the end of today. We’re excited for you to go get your team!

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