The Hire Effect™ Can Help

Make better hiring decisions and…

1 – Don’t do it by yourself
2 – Know exactly what you are looking for
3 – As a team, do what you need to to see who candidates really are before you hire them
4 – Hire people who truly fit your culture every time

Seriously, what are you doing to get better at hiring? Those crap hires can cost you upwards of 3.5X the salary of the person you made the mistake on. Yikes!

Check out this 1-minute video on the four biggest mistakes companies make when hiring.

A great kick in the pants to get you started is The Hire Effect (THE) Starter Kit™. It sets you apart from your competition for the scarce talent out there.

  • Included is a 20 minute free one-on-one session with a hiring expert to answer any questions
  • Each video gives you valuable insights on how to avoid common hiring mistakes
  • The short guiding exercises will help you apply the insights to your unique business
  • The highly-accessible tools will coordinate your hiring team so you make great choices every time


“The Hire Effect is a genius solution that is desperately needed in the small business world!”
Jeff Eusebio
President and Co-owner, Office Express

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             THE Starter Kit                THE Starter Kit
                         THE Starter Kit