Don’t suffer through the hiring process. You can learn to hire a perfect cultural and skills match every time.

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With The Hire Effect™ you will suffer less choosing each new employee.


Two ways to learn and implement this cultural based hiring system:

Virtual Membership

With our Virtual Membership you can learn how to make that great hire on your own terms and at the pace that works for you. You’ll receive instant access to all the tools you need to adopt The Hire Effect’s approach, including our online curriculum, group coaching, an interactive peer forum, and more.

Facilitated Membership

With our Facilitated Membership you’ll learn at a faster pace with direct help from The Hire Effect consulting experts. You’ll receive instant access to all of the tools included in the Virtual Membership as well as a team assessment, two-day in-person training for your whole hiring team, and one-on-one mentoring and coaching.

Virtual Membership Includes:


  • The Hire Effect™ Online Curriculum – Videos, Papers, Exercises, and Check-ins
  • Interview Templates and Scripts
  • Access to Our Membership Peer Forum
  • Monthly Group Coaching Session
  • Webinar Training
Includes selections from:

The Hire Effect™ by M. Miche Rayment

THE Right Fit™

The Hire Effect Right Fit™ is exactly what you want and need in your next employee – the ideal candidate. You’ll know if they fit your culture. You’ll know if they have the skills and personality traits you need.

THE Obstacle Course™

The Hire Effect Obstacle Course™ is a series of steps and assignments that will reveal a candidate’s true behavior.


THE Proof™

The Hire Effect Proof™ validates your intuition. It reveals your best choice. It lets you Bless and Release those candidates you love but who just aren’t a true fit.

Consulting assistance include this and more:


THE Team Assessment

To identify the skills and traits you need on the team, it’s imperative to take stock of what you already have. The Team Assessment is a 2-phase project that will significantly increase your team’s efficiency and reveal the skills you need to look for in a new employee.

Our Team Assessment Deliverables:

  • Individual Role Documents that Set Clear Responsibility and Accountability Expectations
  • Culture Report: Assets to Build Upon and Pitfalls to Watch Out For
  • Leadership Training for Implementation
  • Suggested Organizational Change Initiatives

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THE Unconventional Hiring Team Formation

Your Unconventional Hiring Team will bring you the best candidates. They will weed out the candidates that don’t fit and suss out the best in the pack. You’ll then make the final decision with confidence and without suffering.

When you empower your team to grow and gain the skills necessary to identify their next fellow employee, they’ll be stronger as a result, and the best part… you’ll recoup a great deal of your own time too.

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The Hire Effect Testimonials:

I am now continually amazed at my employees’ compatibility with my business. The Hire Effect system is working beautifully.

Linda Teaman

CEO, Shoshana Technologies

The Hire Effect is a genius solution that is desperately needed in the small business world!

Jeff Eusebio

President and Co-owner, Office Express

“I found “THE Right Fit” to be truly one of the best that I have used in finding candidates that both meet the business needs and the culture of the organization.”

Genevieve Compton

Human Resources Director, Apple Play Schools

I got more value from this investment than anything I have ever done!

Casey Smith

Vice President, Phoenix Environmental, Inc.

THE system was brilliant and netted us a great new ED. We’ve started to implement company wide. Great addition to excellent HR practices.

Ashley Tingstad

Former Chairman of the Board, Apple Play Schools

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