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  • The Hire Effect™ Online Curriculum – Videos, Papers, Exercises, and Check-ins
  • Interview Templates, Scripts for communicating with candidates, and Job postings
  • Two Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Regular Webinars and Presentations

Includes selections from:

The Hire Effect™ by M. Miche Rayment

THE Right Fit™

The Hire Effect Right Fit™ is exactly what you want and need in your next employee – the ideal candidate. You’ll know if they fit your culture. You’ll know if they have the skills and personality traits you need.

THE Obstacle Course™

The Hire Effect Obstacle Course™ is a series of steps and assignments that will reveal a candidate’s true behavior.


THE Proof™

The Hire Effect Proof™ validates your intuition. It reveals your best choice. It lets you Bless and Release those candidates you love but who just aren’t a true fit.

Personalized service includes this and more:


Accountability Baseline Project & Business Culture Report

 The business culture report quickly identifies the already existing culture: assets you can expand on and liabilities you can get rid of. This is important to know for many reasons the least of which is being clear with a new employee how they will transition into your team. Additionally, to identify the skills and traits you need on the team, it’s imperative to take stock of what you already have and begin to build an accountability structure. The Accountability Baseline Project significantly increases your team’s efficiency and reveals the skills you need to look for in your next employee.

Our Accountability Baseline Project includes:

  • Role Responsibilities Documents for each employee (what they are responsible for and metrics for success)
  • Culture Report: Assets to Build Upon and Liabilities to Address
  • Leadership Training to create self-accountability on your team
  • Suggested Organizational Change Initiatives that will ensure healthy growth

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THE Starter Kit™

If you’d like to be hiring better by the end of today, THE Starter Kit™ is something you’ll want to look into. In a few short hours you can:

  • Watch the four session videos (5-7 minutes each),
  • Work through the exercises to set the insights into action,
  • Download the Microsoft tools that are ready made templates for easy implementation,
  • Schedule your 20-minute coaching session to answer your questions.

Go get your team!

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12 Things to Look For In a New Employee

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The Hire Effect Testimonials:

After interviewing each employee in an Accountability Baseline Project, Miche provided invaluable insight about our company, clearly outlining our strengths as well as the weaknesses that we need to focus on.

Katie Saxton

Human Resources, Boll Filter Corporation

I am now continually amazed at my employees’ compatibility with my business. The Hire Effect system is working beautifully.

Linda Teaman

CEO, Shoshana Technologies

The Hire Effect is a genius solution that is desperately needed in the small business world!

Jeff Eusebio

President and Co-owner, Office Express

“I found “THE Right Fit” to be truly one of the best that I have used in finding candidates that both meet the business needs and the culture of the organization.”

Genevieve Compton

Human Resources Director, Apple Play Schools

A really big thank you! Your roles and responsibilities work with us was really valuable. Our team now has very clear lines in the sand on roles and responsibilities.

Angela Barbash

CEO, Revalue LLC

I got more value from this investment than anything I have ever done!

Casey Smith

Vice President, Phoenix Environmental, Inc.

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