Don’t have confidence hiring? These people can help.

For many business leaders spending the time to find and interview people is time begrudgingly spent and a bit of a crap shoot. It’s hard. What do you do when things get hard? You buckle down and get help.


If you are clear that it is mission critical to hire people who fit your culture and your needs, by including a team of others you can:

  • build trusting relationships faster,
  • develop new skills in the employees you have,
  • get your team more invested in new employee success, and
  • spend less of your time doing it.

Don’t be a Conformist

Go unconventional. Ask people who know your company, culture, and needs to jump in and lend a hand. When you are looking for a sales rep, ask a trusted customer to help. When you are looking for a customer care manager, ask an employee who will report to your new recruit to help. When you are looking for a partner, ask your spouse to get involved. These people know you and they want you to succeed.

When you form your Unconventional Hiring Team, consider recruiting people who:

  • Hold the culture of your business well
  • Project manages well
  • Will manage, be a peer to, and/or report to the new recruit
  • Is an intuitive person
  • Is vested in your success but isn’t part of the day-to-day operations of your business (investors, customers, advisors, peer owners, etc.)

We sometimes forget that asking for help can build trust that is very hard won otherwise. You will end up having conversations with these people about what you want that will make it clearer even for yourself what your company needs.

A Gift for You

Let go of the discomfort and build the competency in your business to hire well. This exercise will walk you through forming the unconventional team and give you direction on getting the help you need. Let us know what you think.


M. Miche Rayment is the Founder and Chief Facilitator for The Hire Effect™. The Hire Effect’s clients learn how to choose people for their team without suffering.