If you hire “some guy” and it doesn’t work out, be ready to accept responsibility and hold yourself accountable the way the rock-stars on your team would… or they are going to leave.

The Reality of Hiring Some Guy

“I’ll never just hire “some guy” again. Every time I think it will work out, I’m disappointed.” – client #42


“The owner of our company hired someone that none of the rest of us ever met or even heard about until two days before she started! Now she’s underperforming and dragging down the team. How do I convince my boss to stop doing this? Gah!” – exasperated rock-star at a networking event


“Nepotism. It’s a thing. A thing that causes a lot of problems there.” – frustrated CPA trying to help a mutual client

It is frustrating, can be horribly exasperating, and is sometimes a deadly business practice to hire without following a process. There is nothing wrong with offering a job to a qualified candidate you know, but:

  • Are you acting to take care of what you really need?
  • Is this person you know really qualified?
  • What are the opportunity costs of circumventing the process?

For that fleeting feeling of relief that you’ve checked off one more thing on your to do list (get a new body on your team), you risk months of complaints from some of your employees, the silent treatment from yet others, possibly a set back in satisfying customers, and so many other negative, energy sapping outcomes it’s staggering.

The Courage to Take Your Time

Before you offer a job to “some guy”, engage real practices for considering – does this person fit my company needs and are they clear on my expectations for employment?

To do this you’ll need to:

  • Know exactly what a cultural fit looks like for your existing team
  • Know the skills you need that aren’t already available in the company
  • Consider other candidates
  • Involve a few other people in the decision
  • Set transparent expectations with the new recruit and the existing team

If you don’t already have a solid, repeatable hiring process*, put one in place. If you decide to skip the process, know what the real negative outcomes could be and be ready to deal with them personally.

A Gift

You can get a sense of The Hire Effect system here so you can begin to know what you are looking for in designing a hiring system of your own.

*A repeatable hiring process isn’t having a person responsible for hiring. A process is a set of steps, conducted consistently by a group of people who coordinate well, know the vision, live the culture, and hold the operating structure/practices of your business.


M. Miche Rayment is the Founder and Chief Facilitator for The Hire Effect™. The Hire Effect’s clients learn how to draw on their courage and not just offer some guy a job. TheHireEffect.com