Hiring can’t be held exclusively by HR, which is deeply embedded in practices that are about limiting risk and ensuring compliance. This can put you at a severe disadvantage when competing for talent.

When it comes to choosing your employees, you want to make powerful choices. You can’t be timid or slow to choose, especially in today’s talent scarce market… and the scarcity is only going to get worse. Your hiring process needs to be pulled out of HR and become an integral part of your company’s strategy for sustainability and growth.  

So what do you do?

Consider this, the hiring process is about organizing and empowering. Create a team of people whose responsibility it is to continually build a high performance workforce that slightly morphs with each new hire and becomes the new better machine that is your business.

This team should be laser focused on:

  • Finding a business culture fit as much as a skills fit
  • Coordinating and choosing consistently better with each hire
  • Staying firmly rooted in the company’s overall strategy

Choose your team.

Choose well when you put your hiring team together. Know what each member is responsible for on the team. The team can use or include people whose specialty is HR but the team needs to be driven by someone who understands and embraces the company’s business strategy for achieving the vision as if it were their own. Next, invest in each team member’s professional development. And lastly, include them in the constant communication of what leadership is thinking, planning, and doing.

A Gift

This excerpt from The Hire Effect™ | Hire for Culture and Skill dives into more detail about role responsibility and thoughts on how to choose who you’ll include on your Unconventional Hiring Team. Making it a priority to implement the hiring process in this way will give you a sustainable competitive advantage to acquire the best talent and achieve your business’s brightest vision.


M. Miche Rayment is the Founder and Chief Facilitator for The Hire Effect™. The Hire Effect’s clients have hiring as a core competency. TheHireEffect.com