Evidence You Are Kidding Yourself

  • Your customers and employees see through the BS and are less engaged than they could be.
  • You are being reactive with your team – always having to tell them what to do and how to solve problems.
  • People joining your team soon feel duped. And it ends up taking your time to rebuild trust with them.
  • Work is often drudgery.

Your Culture is Driving Choices

It’s right to have identified core values. It’s the way to run your business. That’s what the experts say. But do you know what your core values are… really? 

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The Gap Between Actual and Aspirational Culture 

There’s a difference between what you say and want your core values to be and what they actually are. It’s a fabulous feeling to get your trusted team together and dream up some really good and mainly true values that your business is run from. 

“Wow! Look at those values. Customers First – Community Building – Excellence.” Stepping out of that retreat and knowing that 2020 is all about those things must feel good. What you’ve likely set your team to do is designing your aspirational core values. That’s not bad it’s just half the picture.

Now how do you know what your actual core values are?

Go Do This Now To See What Your Actual Culture Is

Get up off your chair and step down the hall ready to take notes. The first five people you run into say this: 

“Imagine you are in a room with all the employees of this company looking up at the front of the room where you are standing. They are raptly attentive and ready to answer your question with pure honesty. 

You say, “Based on this company’s actions every day with you and others, what do you think we care about?”

The employees are turning to one another, discussing and nodding their heads. They start to call out the things they think this company cares about most. Can you tell me what they are saying?”

Write down all the things those five people tell you. Get as much feedback as you can from your five interactions. The things they say the most are likely starting to reveal your actual core values.

Closing The Gap

There’s nothing wrong with being real about where you are now and where you want to be. Your team can help by modeling the aspirational values. Your customers can help by telling you when you are hitting the mark and when you aren’t. Your hiring team can help by hiring people that will up your game and exhibit your aspirational values. 

What Will You Do Next?

How will you get your team all on the same page about what your aspirational values mean and look like when they are working?

How will you talk about your values to those you want to hire?

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Miche Rayment is the Founder and CEO of The Hire Effect™. The Hire Effect clients learn how to identify, organize, and get the most out of their Unconventional Hiring Teams. TheHireEffect.com