A very common mistake business leaders make is you don’t involve enough people and the right people in the hiring process.  

Partly this mistake is driven by the need to hire fast and, a smaller team definitely moves more quickly. But at what cost? Moving fast and making a half informed decision is just as deadly as using eeney meeney miney moe to choose.

Another part of the mistake is not involving outside perspectives. Who better to help you hire a VP of Sales than your oldest and most valued customer? Who better to help you choose your next Marketing Director than the account specialist from your graphic design firm you’ve been using for years?

Forming an Unconventional Hiring Team

Here are the five critical roles you need on your hiring team. Include someone who:

  • Holds the vision and culture of the company well 
  • Project manages the hiring process
  • Will work with the new employee once they are hired
  • Knows people very well but doesn’t necessarily know your company (they’re intuitive)
  • Has a vested interest in the success of your business who will have a unique perspective

You can have multiple people in any given role except the project manager. That would just confuse things. A healthy hiring team will likely have between 5 and 10 people.

Strengthening the Whole Team

If you buy into the thought that meaningful work builds meaning relationships (I do!), you’ll spot these four hidden benefits right away of being intentional about your hiring team:

  • Stronger relationships are forged through the meaningful work of hiring.
  • Coordinating the team to look for the same thing ensures a high likelihood that the person you choose will actually fit the position.
  • The people on the hiring team will have a vested interest in the success of the person chosen so they’ll do more to ensure that they are settled, productive, and happy.
  • The team will learn some excellent professional skills in the process.

Coordinating Your Hiring Team

Who will you ask to be on your hiring team?
How will you get your team all on the same page about your culture and the skills you are looking for?
How will you ensure that your core values are being modeled by those on your hiring team? 

Never settle for a weak hiring team. 

Go get your team!

Don’t suffer with your hiring; we are here to help.

Miche Rayment is the Founder and CEO of The Hire Effect™. The Hire Effect clients learn how to identify, organize, and get the most out of their Unconventional Hiring Teams. TheHireEffect.com